Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #3

 I visited several news sites, as well as, You Tube and found You Tube to be the most useful.  The reason I prefer You Tube is because everything is available and once you are sure it is appropriate for your students you are ready to use it.  While the news sites have useful information they are not always as easy to navigate through and sometimes delete videos after a certain time period.

Reading and listening to the information about Copyright laws were a great reminder about how important those laws really are.  In my classroom, I teach the students about how copyright laws, so this was especially important for me.  I always try and put law information into terms they understand and these reminded that is possible and something that I can do.

Dropbox is something that is beneficial in a program like mine and something I can definitely use.  It is a great way to put thoughts, pictures and ideas into one place so my students and I can access them from anywhere.  It is also helpful so if a computer crashes, your files are still available to you wherever you are.

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