Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #10

I think being good digital citizens is extremely important. It is important for students to know that you must be careful with everything you put online and that when you put something online it is there forever. These are great reminders of these lessons. I really like the I-Safe fact sheet from the Texas School Safety Center because it is a nice overview of everything you need to know how to be safe online. Before my students begin their blog and/or other projects online we will review the rules of digital citizenship. To teach the "lessons" to them I will provide examples of news stories where the digital world harmed a child or teenager and ask for their feedback and opinions. This will bring to life the stuff they read about in the "rules" and remind them that it is a real life concern. Parents do need to be educated on digital citizenship because they need to know what their child is doing on the computer and who they are talking to at all times. The same examples could be used with parents.

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