Monday, August 13, 2012

Tool #11

One of my favorite tools is skype.  I think our students can learn so much from other students and I am really anxious to use this in my classroom.  I want my students to communicate with not only students from around the world, but also former NHS students who have gone onto college and talk to them about their experiences.

My thinking has not changed, because I have always wanted to integrate technology into my classroom, but my ideas have changed.  I have so many new ideas on how to incorporate things into my room that my kids will enjoy and get excited about.  

I do not consider there to be any unexpected outcomes.  I did come across more ideas than I expected to and that forces me to get excited to start using those in my classroom.  I think anytime you introduce something new to someone, they get excited about it.  So now I have to take my excitement and pass it on to my students.

Tool #10

I think being good digital citizens is extremely important. It is important for students to know that you must be careful with everything you put online and that when you put something online it is there forever. These are great reminders of these lessons. I really like the I-Safe fact sheet from the Texas School Safety Center because it is a nice overview of everything you need to know how to be safe online. Before my students begin their blog and/or other projects online we will review the rules of digital citizenship. To teach the "lessons" to them I will provide examples of news stories where the digital world harmed a child or teenager and ask for their feedback and opinions. This will bring to life the stuff they read about in the "rules" and remind them that it is a real life concern. Parents do need to be educated on digital citizenship because they need to know what their child is doing on the computer and who they are talking to at all times. The same examples could be used with parents.

Tool #9

 Technology is very important in the world today. While many of us remember high school without technology, this day in age everything revolves around technology. It is very important to incorporate objectives to the technology because it brings our lessons up to date and in tune with what our students are interested in. Students should be held accountable because they need to know how to incorporate everyday lessons into technology based lessons. I love the Tutpup website because spelling is so crucial in journalism and that is a fun way for students to compete. I also like TenMarks because it is interactive and fun lessons the students would enjoy.

Tool #8

The MacBook is a great tool for yearbook design and creation. I have learned that the best way to get familiar with Mac computers is to use them and discover things on your own. They can do everything Dell computers can do, but it may be called something different or have a different format. The MacBook also has IPhoto which allows you to make slideshows quick and easy and PhotoBooth which allows you to take quick pictures to publish. 

Managing computers in my classroom is fairly easy because I have enough for most classes. My students are assigned a computer at the beginning of the year and throughout the year when I feel the need for a seat change.

Tool #7

Skype is the perfect tool for an online collaboration.  This will allow my students to step outside the community they live in without ever having to leave.  I plan to introduce my yearbook/newspaper students to students from another school by using Skype.  There they can share ideas and "pick the brains" of students who are in the same school setting they are.  I plan to use this at the beginning of the year when my students are creating their ideas for the yearbook and ideas to use throughout the year.
I will also use Skype with my journalism students when we begin discussing current events.  They will be asked to talk to students from another state and/or country about what is going on in their surroundings.  What are things they struggle with or are faced with on a daily basis.  This will force the students to know that it is important to know what is going on around them.  They will also share with their new "online friend" something that is happening in our community and share their experiences.  They can then write about these on their blog for all to read and share on.

Tool #6

I can definitely use Poll Everywhere.  This is an awesome idea for gathering information from students in a fun and new-age way.  Kids love using their cell phones and would love to comment back on something using their cell phones.  Not only is it fun, but it is a great way to gather information from my students without mass chaos.

 I also feel like I would like to use Skype in my classroom.  I think it is a great idea for our students to see life outside of NHS and Skype is a fun, free way to do that.  I have made connections with journalism and yearbook teachers across the country and we can make skype dates to get ideas from them on various topics.  We can also reach out to students in other countries to find out about current events and things going on in their country.  Skype is a great tool for us to use and I think the kids will love it because they love being on the computer and they also love discovering new things and this would incorporate both of those!!

Tool #5

These are great tools that can be used inside my classroom. First, when making word walls, these tools are fantastic. They allow us to use what some may consider boring terms and make them fun with designs and colors. This will be a great reminder to the students to know what words are important and ones they should remember. 
The comic strip is a great idea and something the students can use when creating designs for any type of publication or to just get a point across. They can create characters and scenarios that allow them to incorporate their lives into the lessons without making it known it is their life. I think the kids will love creating these!